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Private hire vehicles

Licensed private hire vehicles must only be driven by a licensed private hire driver. The vehicle cannot be driven by anyone who does not hold the relevant licence, even if the vehicle is not for hire (for example, partners driving for social and domestic purposes).

A private hire vehicle is allowed to carry passengers for hire and reward when booked with a licensed private hire operator.

These vehicles cannot:

  • ply for hire

  • be hailed by a prospective passenger

  • work from a rank


Vehicle specifications and conditions


The vehicle

You'll need to make sure that the vehicle you want to license fulfils the requirements of the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy. In particular you will need to look at:

It's the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their vehicle meets our requirements. All vehicles are inspected before a licence or plate will be issued. We cannot licence a vehicle until our requirements are satisfied. We will not issue refunds as a result of vehicles being un-licensable.

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