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The difference between taxi and private hire licenses

In Medway like most parts of the country there are two types of licenses.  Below is a brief description of the differences between these licenses in order for you to decide which one you should apply for.

Private Hire

With a private hire licence you must only undertake pre-booked fares from a licensed operator on a circuit. There are several operators licensed in Medway and all have their individual dispatch and operating conditions.

You cannot pick up customers from the street or taxi ranks.

You cannot take bookings directly from the public.

It is sometimes considered safer to work as a private hire driver due to having all jobs logged along with in some cases emergency buttons on dispatch systems or direct voice contact via radio with the operators office while working.

Hackney Carriage

A Hackney carriage licence is the same as a private hire licence except it gives you the option to work independently and ply for hire, pick up fares from taxi ranks and to be hailed in the street. This licence also gives you the option to work with a licensed private hire operator and undertake private hire bookings.

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